Monitor headphones K553MKII

AKG monitor headphones are more famous. The recording studios around the world generally choose AKG headphones for monitoring. Another feature is a better sound field status. Perhaps this is the AKG tuner who listened to live music since childhood, many headphones, including Some low-end models, the sense of hearing is like the feeling of being in the concert hall. The music is played at a certain distance in front of the eyes. Various instruments and vocals have a good spatial orientation.

Love technology can let the fans remember the classic works “Kk”, the widest sound field wearing, K1000’s special shape, so that the sound field can be comparable with the speaker, similar to the sound field of the speaker near-field monitoring position.Read more please visit: sound field is wide and the sound image is naturally unfolded. The sound field of all the traditional dynamic headphones in front of the K1000 is narrow.

K420/K450 high-cost headphones, in the 300-600 price products, has been a national sales leader for a long time, 2011 is the national sales champion. Abandoned the low-priced KOSS PP, the subwoofer style, and the IF monitors have been greatly recognized by fans.

The K3003 is a classic in the classics. The headphones that went on sale in 2012 are still selling well. K3003 is the most successful ring iron earphone, which realizes the complement and fusion of the moving coil and moving the iron, creating a new era of ring iron headphones. K3003 developed the high-end luxury attributes of headphones. Those who listened to K3003 in those years are also the dreams of many fans.

The K701 is a big-ear headphone with a beautiful shape. The white earmuffs and brown leather strips are simple and energetic. They are deep and not rigid. It was a clear stream at the time. K701 is still a good choice for big ears.

AKG has several series of N, K, Y, Q and so on. AKGK553MKII is AKG’s latest professional closed-type monitor headphones, which has been understated.

The K553MKII has a built-in 50mm low-impedance driver that delivers a robust, accurate and excellent sound response. With its high sensitivity, it can connect laptops and mobile devices for precise, realistic sound reproduction.

The K553MKII earphones are designed with extra-large soft earmuffs, which are lighter and make listening to music a pleasure. The ears are comfortable to listen and stress-free. The soft, elastic material fits snugly against the head, and the leather provides great comfort and sound insulation better than any noise-reducing earphone. Enclosed earmuffs for immersive, open sound. The 2D crankshaft design enables flat folding for easier carrying.

The K553MKII professional enclosed monitor headphones inherit AKG’s superior performance for more than 70 years for monitoring, mixing and mastering applications, achieving a perfect balance between the good sound insulation of closed headphones and the outstanding stereo of open design.

In general, the K553MKII is a typical AKG-style earphone. It is comfortable to wear, sounds great, and has excellent sound quality. Whether it is popular, rock or classical, it will have excellent performance. The most special is that the K553MKII sound is relatively pure, it is natural and true to present the original sound, no sound, whether you are a professional music creator or a music amateur, you definitely need a headset that can restore the most natural sound. , then this new K553MKII is worth recommending, no matter high value, or high-quality headphones, it has!

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