How to choose sports headphones

People’s feelings about running are getting higher and higher, and the demands of running friends on running equipment are getting higher and higher. In addition to running shoes and compression clothing, a good sports headset can also effectively help runners to continue to run. As we all know, music can distract the spirit, stimulate the rhythm and improve the mood, so that the runner can get more endurance. So, the question is, what kind of headphones are suitable for running? What kind of damage does the inappropriate earphone cause to the ear?

What headphones are suitable for running while running?


The scientific report pointed out that wearing headphones for a long time will cause some damage to the hearing. When running outdoors, in addition to a certain degree of isolation from outside noise, it is also necessary to avoid too good sound insulation, so as not to cause other occurrences. Therefore, the general sports earplugs do not tend to be made into a full in-ear type, but the “half-in-ear” type in which the flat earplugs are combined with the ear.


Staying comfortable is critical. After all, too heavy headphones can easily become cumbersome, so sports headphones are generally as lightweight as possible and ergonomically worn.


In the summer, even if you exercise at night, it is easy to sweat, and sweat can easily flow into the ear, which will affect the life of the headphones. Therefore, most sports headphones will have a deep waterproof design, and you can rinse directly with water after exercise.


When the vibration is generated during exercise, ordinary headphones can easily slip off if they are not worn firmly, making exercise an unpleasant process. Therefore, most of the sports headphones adapt the hanging ear design, which can ensure that the headphones will not fall off during intense sports.

What kind of damage does the inappropriate earphone cause to the ear?

Ordinary earphones generally have a 1.2-1.5 meter headphone cord that will rub against the clothes when used, and the friction will create noise. Especially when running, this friction will be very intense and the noise will be even louder. If you run for a little longer, this noise will cause hearing fatigue invisibly. In addition, because of the noise, some people will unconsciously turn up the volume, which invisibly hurts our hearing.

How to choose a sports headset that suits you?

Due to the relatively large noise impact of wired headsets, wired headsets are gradually relegating to the second line in the field of sports equipment. However, because of the good data transmission and the loss of sound quality due to Bluetooth, many earphone manufacturers are still producing wired sports headphones.

Because of its many special functions, Bluetooth sports headphones can be connected to mobile phones to detect various sports data, and become the darling of sports headphones.

However, whether it is wired or Bluetooth, it is the first applicability and the second in technology. Of course, the aesthetics cannot be underestimated, and finally, look at the price. After all, what is right for you is the best.

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