3 HiFi flagship headphones

Sony Z1R

Delicate music atmosphere

The Z1R is assembled by a professional Japanese technician and has strict quality control. It looks a bit cumbersome, but it is very comfortable to wear. It uses three-dimensional sewing technology. The inner liner is covered with thick, slow-rebound polyurethane foam and sheepskin as its surface material. Can be worn for a long time and comfortable.

This time, Z1R’s main “atmosphere atmosphere” feeling, 70mm large aperture diaphragm, makes the sound wave almost flat, let people experience the natural sound, is also the best earphone I listened to Bigbang’s “Day and Day” live version.

The three elements of the live atmosphere “wideband”, “wide dynamic range” and “plane wave at the ear” Sony Black Technology

These elements are achieved with a 70mm HD drive unit with a magnesium dome. Further expansion of the auditory dynamic range is achieved by a non-resonant housing.

Beyerdynamic T1

Classic reference level sound

Baia, one of the world’s four major earphone manufacturers, and according to the habits of fans, it is generally said from Baia, this flagship product T1 of his family can be said to show the true strength of Beyerdynamic. The high requirements of sound quality deeply reflect the rigorous style of Germany, and also reflect the pursuit of good headphones for professional headphones users.

The T1 is the first Tesla magnetic induction headset. The tuning of the sound is more comprehensive, the sound is positive, atmospheric, and balanced. The vocals are full, delicate, and the sound is thicker. Baia’s three flagships are the least likely to make a bad noise. Some common amps can push T1 without any problems, but as the old man said, it is not easy to push T1.


Make listening fun

DENNON, a brand that was founded in 1910, this time, 50th anniversary, Tianlong released a new flagship headset designed for discerning music enthusiasts. It is a landmark work.

At first glance, the earphones that are attracted to its appearance are made of American walnut, and its unique resonance characteristics can make the sound of the headphones more beautiful.

The sound quality of a headphone depends largely on his diaphragm. The D7200 adopts a newly developed nano-scale fiber diaphragm, which has high rigidity and lightweight, and adopts a concave fold design to further enhance the toughness of the diaphragm. Reduce distortion of the diaphragm and let the unit transmit a distorted sound in the full range.

In fact, there are only a few black technologies, and the ultimate goal is only one: good. In fact, this sound and Z1R have a similar look, have a strong atmosphere, but the D7200 will be more natural, compared with the 10,000-level Z1R is not inferior.

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